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Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Repair by Certified Refrigeration NJ

Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Repair & Service Our Google Author We get a lot of calls around the tri-state about Sub-Zero Wine Coolers not working. For years we told clients to part with the smaller ones and just replace them as they were

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Replace Sub-Zero Gasket – Instructions – Rubber Door Seal Guide

Gasket installation sub zero door seal

If you have come here thinking a gasket install is a simple task, think again! If you think you aren’t capable of doing this, do not bother and call someone who says they are capable. If you are handy, read on, and have patience because this is a tough one! If you want us to put your Sub-Zero Gasket on your door, give a call and we will do it today.

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How to say: I am allergic to Shellfish in Thai, English Translation.

Seafood allergy Thailand

Going to Thailand with a shellfish allergy? Like many, I am allergic to shellfish. Many times I considered canceling my trip to Thailand’s beaches because of the allergy. In the end I decided to go, with caution and a few

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Kickstarter Coupon

“Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013).” When I am not working as a Sub-Zero repair mechanic I shoot street photography for fun. I have been doing it for years, in and out of American cities like New york, Washington and Chicago.

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Things to do besides the Superbowl

Things to do on Superbowl Sunday It comes without saying that we will not be working anywhere near New Jersey or New York City this weekend as superbowl sunday is coming to the Meadowlands in New Jersey. However, we will

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