Find your Sub-Zero Model & Serial Number

What does your Model & Serial Tag Do?

Your model and serial number is the identifier we use to prepare for service. As every machine is unique and fitment of parts is critical, we like to know exactly what model we are going to be servicing. This helps us stay prepared and it's the reason we fix 99% of units in one trip.

Model: Model tells us which style unit you have.
Serial: Serial is used to identify useful information about parts.
Manufacture Date: Gives us info pertaining to units age.

sub zero model number
Identifying your Model info

Where do I find my model number?

Click on the unit closest to your style

side by side units can find the tag up near the hinge in the freezer
Top over bottom units can find the tag in the fridge on the frame.
Full size units will have the tag on the frame, inside near the upper hinge

Two-Drawer Units

Units with two drawers have the tag located inside the top drawer on the wall. These are usually 700 series units.

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