How to Change a Sub Zero Light Switch

Please turn power off to your unit at the fuse box before operating on your Sub-Zero.

Tools Required: Phillips head screw driver, needle nose plier.

Step One:  Remove the grill from your Sub-Zero.

Removing the grill from your Sub-Zero is usually accomplished by first removing screws above doors on the frame of the unit. Once the screws are removed you can pull the grill forwards and remove any springs. If you have a wooden grill, you must first remove the wooden trim by pushing up on it and pulling the bottom towards you. Next, you remove screws on the frame above the door and usually two screws on the upper right and upper left of the bracket that holds the trim.

500 series and 600 series Sub-Zero’s are pretty similar in how they operate lights. They use a small light switch that can be purchased through ebay.

Step Two:  Locate the light switch shroud and remove the screw holding it in.

Usually its a phillips head.

light switch shroud, it has a screw behind it, sometimes its a phillips head, newer models may require a star bit.

Step Three: Remove Light Switch and Replace Switch

The light switch is all white. The one with the black back on it is your fan switch, you do not want to touch that one. Remove the wiring from the all white light switch. Sometimes you can pull it off with your hands, other times needle nose pliers will do the trick. Just make sure the power is off to the unit.

Remove these wires from the switch using your hands or a needle nose plier, just make sure the power is off.




I use a plier or screw driver. Depress the tab on side of the switch and push it through the frame of the unit, it will fall out.

Step Four- Install New light Switch and Test It

Just as the old light switch came out, the new one comes it. You just push it in until it clicks into place. Put the wiring back on and now restore power to the unit. Your lights should work. If they still do not work, check out our guide on how to change a sub zero light bulb. If they still do not work after changing a switch and all light bulbs, please call a service technician.

Step Five: Put your unit back together.

Make sure all screws go back where they came from.

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