Our Team in 2019!

When you call Certified Refrigeration there is no guess work behind who will be walking into your home. We are a small company that spends years training each technician. When we train technicians we focus on customer service first and foremost. We believe that the right attitude and education is paramount in creating the perfect technician. Please take a moment to meet some of our top technicians. When you call our company, we guarantee one of these men will be involved in the repair of your Sub-Zero. Spend some time studying up on our reviews to learn about what we can accomplish.


Joe Battaglia – Owner/Technician – Joe started Certified Refrigeration in 1976 servicing all brands of refrigerators. Over the years he began to focus on the Sub-Zero brand so that he could offer a better, more streamlined service. Joe is known for his friendly nature, ability to connect to customers and undeniable reliability. He still operates the phone lines and services in the field. He works longer and harder than any employee in the company at the age of 62. Many of our customers have used Joe to maintain there Sub-Zero Refrigerators for over 25 Years! Call today and you’ll probably speak directly to him!

John Battaglia – North Jersey Technical Manager – John began servicing Sub-Zero Refrigerators with his father as a teenager. He graduated from Parsons the New School For Design in 2011. He has kept up with the latest models of Sub-Zero units as they have been rapidly changing over the years. He has spent the past decade as a technician in the field as well as a technical manager. When A new product requires service, it is up to John to form a protocol for the future service needs of the product.

Paul Fontaine – New York State Branch Manager – Paul is awesome technician that has been servicing Sub-Zero Refrigerators for over a decade. Although an excellent technician, our customers always remember him for how polite and friendly he is. Once a customer has had service from Paul, future requests for service are always followed by a request for Paul, Specifically. He’s a great guy! He spends his free time raising his two children and looks forward to helping with the local cub scouts as his son grows of age.

Chris Spincola – Expert Tri-State Technician – Chris, or “Spin” as we call him has been servicing Sub-Zero units for over a decade, since he was in high school! Chris is one of the hardest working employees on the team. He spent many years working in Manhattan in high rises and town homes. He has an uncanny ability to connect with customers and has quite the resume of celebrity clients. Working in Manhattan will do that! In his off time he enjoys a trip to Yankee Stadium and relaxing with his family.

Andreas Podromitis- Expert Tri-State Technician – Andreas, our resident musical engineer, is our perfectionist Sub-Zero Technician. Known amongst our team as the one guy who obsesses over every detail of the job, if you’ve got Andreas in your home, you are going to get a square job. The guy leaves no loose ends. Newer to refrigeration than the rest of us, his ability to grasp new service tasks is incredible. In his spare time Andreas plays the guitar and creates electronic music.

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