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Expert Sub-Zero & Wolf Service In Morris County

From Morristown to Mt. Olive, our company has offered accommodating daily service to Morris County, NJ for over 35 years. We’ve been doing this so long that many of you may be coming to this page for a second or third time, and will most likely be welcoming a technician you have already met into your homes!  We exclusively service Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances, so that when our technicians show up to your door, you know they are fully prepared to tackle any kind of issue. All of our work is backed by a warranty that covers both parts and labor, giving you peace of mind that your unit will be fully operational for years to come. We specialize in the restoration of all Sub-Zero makes and models back to original factory standards. Our goal is to prolong the life of these refrigerators and get you more years out of your investment.

Good Old School Customer Service.

Many customers positively note in their reviews of us that we are old fashioned. They say this because when they call us up, they speak with a real person who cares about their issue. We return calls as quickly as possible. We often give advice over the phone and dive right into the problem and possible solutions. Often times, the same person answering the phone call comes out to fix your appliance. We are always reachable and when you call us back we remember you. It’s old school, but we will never take a hands off approach to this business and you will always speak to an owner. Our customers satisfaction and the service we provide come first. If you feel that your issue is small and reparable on your own, feel free to give us a call for free advice.

service vehicles

Fully Stocked Service Vans.

When we show up to your house, we come in service trucks that were outfitted specifically for the task of repairing your Sub-Zero or Wolf unit. We inventory the most common parts from all revisions of Sub-Zero units on these trucks. Our technicians have the  best equipment and parts at their fingertips, there is no other servicer like us. When you call us, we will help you find your model number so that we show up prepared and ready for your machine. Our system is efficient and thats why we fix 99% of these units in one stop. 

Problems We Fix The Day You Call.

  • Refrigerator or Freezer Not Cooling
  • Ice formations
  • Error Codes and Vacuum Service Lights
  • Leaks and condensation forming
  • Loud Noises
  • Overheating
  • Ice Makers Not Working
  • Doors Not Closing
  • General Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Filter Replacements
  • Wolf Range and Oven Malfunctions
  • All issues related to Sub-Zero & Wolf Products
Sub-Zero Bi-48S

Awesome Service Technicians.

All of our technicians are trained for years before being put into the field. Each one is uniquely personable and a joy to work with. Our employees are very talented, they have been hand picked out of technical schools and many are college educated. Not only that, the owner still does service calls and is very active in all repairs. What ever the problem may be, we are positive that our knowledge of these units is the key to fixing your issue. Take a moment to meet our team and read some reviews.

Morris County

15 Revere Road, Morristown NJ

    Our Team Rocks

    Our team has taken years to assemble. We start with technicians that have college or technical educations and we train them to be independent Sub-Zero & Wolf appliance specialists. Each technician spends years as an apprentice before being issued one of our Fully Stocked Service Vans. Once they are on the road they are not alone. Each job is handled on a case-by-case basis and research is done prior to arrival to make sure our guys are properly equipped. They have can reach out senior technicians and access directly to the excellent tech support provided by the manufacturer. We are proud to send these guys out every day, and you will be proud to have them expertly service your Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances.

    Before we arrive check out some repair tips

    Did you know the #1 reason for mechanical failures of refrigerators is having a clogged condenser? The dust restricts airflow and causes the machine to overheat. Eventually, the machine fails. No doubt about it, cleaning your condenser regularly is the recipe for a long lasting refrigerator.  Learn how to clean the condenser on your Sub-Zero and check out some more repair tips.

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