How to say: I am allergic to Shellfish in Thai, English Translation.

Going to Thailand with a shellfish allergy?

Like many, I am allergic to shellfish. Many times I considered canceling my trip to Thailand’s beaches because of the allergy. In the end I decided to go, with caution and a few epi-pens. I found that with proper planning, research and  caution all fears of surviving a shellfish allergy in Thailand could be avoided. While in the Krabi province and Phuket I dined out many times with very little issue. Thailand is becoming more Western friendly year by year and any qualms about going to Thailand with a Shellfish allergy  should not throw a wrench in your vacation plans. Below you will find some information on how to properly avoid having a reaction.

Free Thai Allergy Card Translations

Before departure I asked on a few popular websites  to translate some sayings for me. I wanted to be able to say things in thai like..

  • If i eat shellfish or any foods that have been cooked with lobster, shrimp or any other type of shellfish on food preparation surfaces or utensils, I will need immediate medical attention.
  • If i eat this food or any food that has been cooked with it or touched it, I will need immediate medical attention.
  • I am allergic to all shellfish and seafood.
I am allergic to Shellfish Thai English Translation

I am allergic to Shellfish. Please don’t put shellfish on my food.

I was directed to a helpful free website. It was called Beach Siam. I found this Website particularly helpful, however I felt that saying that “I am allergic to shellfish” or “I am allergic to seafood” was not urgent enough. I wanted a card that said something like, “If I eat Shellfish I will go to the hospital.” Eventually I found what I wanted to say however, it was not free. That’s right! There is actually a website out there that charges you money to give you advice for life threatening situations! Naturally I was infuriated by this so I set out to find my own translation, for free. I even created my own graphic and made a little PDf available for download, that is nearly identical to what I wanted to say. If you would like to be ripped off by a .com you can find their website and pay the 16.00 for a simple translation.

 Free Shellfish Allergy Thai Translation to English PDF Print Out

shellfish_allergy_thai_card-english translation

Double Click to enlarge and print out!


I used this card through out my stay in Thailand without issue. Nearly every waiter or waitress understood this translation without flaw and I avoided many dishes I otherwise would have reacted to. Feel free to use print it out and use it free of charge.  If you need a larger version, email me and I will send it to you, for free. Once you have it printed out, you should laminate it and carry it around in your wallet. I have formatted this one so that it will size down to 2×3 inches, just like a business card. If you are going to Thailand with a shellfish allergy, you can not afford to go without this.


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