Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Services

There is an appliance in your home that’s constantly operating at high efficiency — your Sub-Zero fridge. Repair may be sometimes necessary for these masterfully-crafted pieces, whether they’ve been integrated into your home design or not. Certified Refrigeration can help! Serving many counties in New Jersey and southern New York, from Rockland County to Union County, our services are fast, long-lasting, and professional. If you want to make repairs to a highly complex and sophisticated appliance, why not trust a company that has extensive experience, with specialists that focus exclusively on Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs?

SubZero-OldAd-e1274996538235-174x300Choose Certified Refrigeration for Your Repairs

Since 1976, Certified Refrigeration has been fixing old, nonfunctional, or damaged refrigerators, specializing exclusively in Sub-Zero. Repair service is available for side-by-side refrigerators, top-and-bottom units, under-counter units, ice makers, and built-in fridges regardless of age. We offer local, same-day Sub-Zero fridge service, with fully stocked parts and tools to help ensure that the repairs can happen in one trip.

Maximize the Lifetime of Your Unit

If you own a Sub-Zero refrigerator, your investment probably has been a source of pride for you and your home. Any issues the appliance may be having can be a huge disappointment. Call us today! You may not have to spend thousands of dollars on a new Sub-Zero appliance. Repair can be possible, even if another company has condemned the unit as impossible to fix. Even if your fridge has been experiencing small problems or if you have an older Sub-Zero refrigerator, repair may be necessary to help maximize energy savings, as may have been the goal if the model has an Energy Star rating. Our highly-trained technicians can make quick repairs that can maximize the lifetime of your Sub-Zero! Repair service can be scheduled by calling us today at 1-800-200-2306. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and personal checks. Feel free to contact our customer-friendly and knowledgeable team with any questions you may have regarding our services today!