Sub-Zero Repair Services in New York

Residents throughout New York State have learned that our professional refrigerator repair service is the best of the best. We are Certified Refrigeration, a local refrigeration repair service company with specialists ready to repair your Sub-Zero appliance throughout the Tri-State Area. Simply put, we offer the best Sub-Zero repair service in NY, bar none, whether you live in New York City or farther north.

Reliable Service

Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in New York state can be a difficult task during the cold winter months, when snowstorms disable our highways. To ensure that your Sub-Zero repair is performed right the first time, even during inclement weather, our repair technicians arrive at your home with all possible Sub-Zero appliance parts on hand to complete the service call.

We use only brand-new Sub-Zero parts for all Sub-Zero appliance repair in NY. We do this so that we can provide our customers guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction with our same-day service. All of our technicians who perform Sub-Zero fridge repair in New York are trained to fix your appliance on the spot, even if you have an older Sub-Zero in need of some serious overhauling.

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We are an EPA-authorized refrigerator repair service that has been in business since 1976, and we are properly licensed to repair residential refrigerators in New York state. We are experts when it comes to Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs in NY, with an extensive client base that calls us whenever they need Sub-Zero repair work.

If your Sub-Zero unit isn’t working up to snuff, call us and we will happily discuss what your unit is doing over the phone. We problem-solve with our customers prior to coming out to see if they indeed need our Sub-Zero repair service in NY. In some cases, our customers have been able to fix their Sub-Zero units on their own with parts that we shipped to them.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you feel more comfortable having your Sub-Zero unit repaired by one of our licensed technicians, do not fret. You can rely upon our technicians to address all repair service needs in a respectable and professional manner. We hold our technicians accountable to the highest repair standards when performing Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in New York. Call us for Sub-Zero fridge service in New York: You won’t be disappointed.