Sub-Zero Repair Monmouth County NJ

When I walked into the kitchen one of our Monmouth County¬†Sub-Zero technicians looked up at me and said “Take a good look at this one because you will never see another Sub-Zero like it.” We ran into this Sub-Zero repair on a ¬†201R Model in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It was so old that it did not even have a date on it. I would imagine this model came from the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. It was in awesome condition but needed a lot of mechanical refurbishing. These units are truly a treat to work on, it is our speciality and we love giving them new lives.

Sub Zero Repair in New Jersey 201R

Sub Zero Repair monmouth county NJ

201R Model in Deal, NJ

This particular Sub-Zero was in a Monmouth County rental home in Deal, NJ and was left running while the owner was away. Another Monmouth County refrigeration company that came replaced only the compressor just a few years before. That was the whole problem! A thirty year old Sub-Zero had its compressor replaced but the 30 year old condensor fan was left in. The old condensor fan eventually failed and the compressor overheated and failed as well. Also, along with the burnt out compressor, all of the electrical wiring was falling apart, the light switch was missing and the produce fan was loud as hell. The Monmouth County owner of the unit was well aware of the stellar condition of these two units and opted to fix the problems.

A Sub-Zero Repair of a 201R

sub zero repair monmouth county new jersey

Pristine 201R


This unit is now in full operation and back to its original standards. It is a prime example of what we can do with your Sub-Zero the very same day you call us. For Sub Zero Repair in Monmouth County New Jersey call the Certified Refrigeration team. No unit is too old to be repaired and restored back to its factory standards.

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