About Us

We make it really easy.

Certified Refrigeration is a small family business with a deep expertise working with Sub-Zero refrigerators. Based in North Jersey, we specialize in efficiency as our small team is fully equipped to zip around the tri-state area and make fast accurate repairs. People love our service because of how well prepared we are. We really make it easy. When you call you speak to our office who will send us a quick little message to a professional. We will call you back shortly and discuss your Sub-Zero or Wolf’s issue. Over the phone we will figure out what kind of model you have, what the issue is and what we can do to help. If we think we know whats going on and you can repair it yourself, we always help you do so (lots of our reviews mention this). If not, we send out a technician to your home. Our preparation guarantees that when we arrive we are totally prepared to fix your refrigerator, freezer, oven etc.

Independent Sub-Zero Part Shop
Our little parts warehouse located at 80 Greenwood ave, Midland Park NJ.

We Are Going To Make it Run Like New

Remember when your unit was brand new? When we leave your home, we want your Sub-Zero or Wolf to function like a brand new unit. Our number one goal is  to repair your unit so you don’t have to encounter additional service for years to come. Our technicians use the correct tools, parts and diagnostic equipment to ensure a fast and proper repair on any and all Sub-Zero units, new and old. Each of our employees has gone through years of owner supervised training and taught to give extremely thorough service, we don’t miss much because we are extremely experienced.

We use majority Sub-Zero OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts purchased through our Sub-Zero parts distributor. All new OEM parts along with our service comes with an unconditional one year full warranty. We sometimes even give longer warranties depending on the severity of the job. We respect your schedule and work hard to plan appointments during the times that are most convenient for you and your family.

Our team lining up for assignment at our shop.

Service in NJ and NY

Currently we offer service in all northern and central counties of New Jersey and the Southern counties of New York. Our Service area includes the counties of: Bergen, Essex, Morris, Mercer, Passaic, Hudson, Union, Monmouth, Middlesex, Sussex, Somerset, Westchester, Rockland and Manhattan.

Our Guarantee

Certified Refrigeration gives a one year warranty on all parts and labor performed by our technicians (sometimes even more depending on workload).  Any part that is non-defective and installed properly should last well beyond the one year warranty. For those customers with 20+ and even 30+ year old Sub-Zero’s, in the rare event your refrigerator has unresolvable issues, we offer a money back guarantee on all labor. If you spend money with our company we want you to know that your Sub-Zero will be working 100% upon completion, and we always back it up.

Many of you may remember my dad. (He still services)

Looking for Joe?

Everyone knows Joe! He has been out and about servicing Sub-Zero fridges since they started really appearing in kitchens during the late 80’s and early 90’s. He pretty much always worked alone, he was a one man band, if you will.  Sometimes we get customers that remember him from 25 years ago! A lot of people call in and pick up where they left off with him a decade ago. (hey Joe its Gary from short hills, you were here in 2008! Well, i’ve got this new problem…)  Joe liked the Sub-Zero because of its repairability and availability of parts. In short, there was always a solution and a right way to fix them. Because of this, he began stocking up his work van with the proper parts to ensure same-day service . He taught this to me, and I have taught it to our employees (some of you may remember me as a child tagging along with Joe, he is my father.) Now-a-days Joe works the phones and advises us technicians on jobs. So call in, say hey to Joe if you remember him, if not, i’m sure he’ll love to meet you.

1.) Give Us A Phone Call

2.) Schedule Service

3.) Technician Arrives

4.) Sub-Zero Fixed (no wait!)

Some common models we service are:

200 Sub-zero Series

Sub-zero 240RFD
Sub-zero 241
Sub-zero 251
Sub-zero 201F
Sub-zero 201R
Sub-zero 251RFD

300 Sub-zero Series

Sub-zero 361
Sub-zero 361RFD

500 Sub-zero Series

Sub-zero 561
Sub-zero 501
Sub-zero 532
Sub-zero 550
Sub-zero 590
Sub-zero 501F
Sub-zero 501R
Sub-zero 509G-2
Sub-zero 561/S

600 Sub-zero Series

Sub-zero 611
Sub-zero 632
Sub-zero 642
Sub-zero 650
Sub-zero 661
Sub-zero 680
Sub-zero 690
Sub-zero 601B
Sub-zero 601R
Sub-zero 601R-3
Sub-zero 601RG
Sub-zero 601S
Sub-zero 611-2
Sub-zero 611S
Sub-zero 632-2
Sub-zero 632O
Sub-zero 632S
Sub-zero 642-2
Sub-zero 650-2
Sub-zero 650O
Sub-zero 650S
Sub-zero 661-2
Sub-zero 661O
Sub-zero 661S
Sub-zero 685-2
Sub-zero 695-2

700 Sub-zero Series

Sub-zero 700TS1-3
Sub-zero 730
Sub-zero 700BF/I
Sub-zero 700BR
Sub-zero 700TG-13
Sub-zero 700TR
Sub-zero 700TR-3
Sub-zero 700TS/I
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