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A Sub-Zero™ Repair Co. in NYC that Works!

Our company services Sub-Zero™ appliances in a timely, professional manner in NYC. We arrive lightning fast with any and all parts needed for your particular model Sub-Zero. After your unit is diagnosed we give you the option to fix it or send us packing. If you opt to fix your Sub Zero we give you a solid warranty on both parts and labor for 365 days after the repair. We only service Sub-Zero refrigerators, it allows us to operate with precision. Unlike other NYC Sub-Zero services we tell you up front what the cost of the repair will be and never charge by how long we have been in the apartment. We service residential and commercial Sub-Zero units in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. We are a small business that prides itself on quality and a personalized approach to the repair process, we believe you are going to love your technician and won’t want another person touching your fridge once we are done.


Why Choose Us for Sub-Zero™ Service?

We believe in doing one thing and doing it correctly. There are hundreds of appliance repair & service companies in the New York City area that service everything from Ceiling fans to Ovens. We don’t improvise parts like many other corner-cutting, money saving companies seem to.  We know that your kitchen is an investment and it deserves to be treated as such. This is why we use only Factory parts directly from the Sub-Zero™ Freezer Company in Madison, Wisconsin. Our company does not improvise parts, because it simply doesn’t work as it should and can result in detrimental to the longevity of your Sub-Zero. Realistically, no repair company would want that. We feel that any unit can be fixed and we even go the extra mile after other companies tell you to just cut your losses.  The bottom line is that in NYC, we pride ourselves on properly diagnosing and fixing Sub-Zero refrigerators back to factory standards.

 Which Models do we Service in NYC?

We service all models of Sub-Zero refrigerators except the Wine Coolers. For a complete list of Refrigerators and Models that are eligible for Repair & Service in NYC please visit our About Page. Here you will find a list of Sub-Zero models we have the capability to service in New York City. Our philosophy is that the older the unit the better. While many companies seem to shy away from units like the 200 or 300 series Sub-Zero, we enjoy taking the time to restore them. The truth is that all parts from the earlier days of the companies existence are still readily available. Sub-Zero is a great American manufacturer that stands behind its product. Their thoughtful designs from decades ago are still able to be rejuvenated with new parts that fit seamlessly onto older units. While some customers opt towards purchasing newer Sub-Zero refrigerators, most continue to fix their old and yet to be obsolete unit.

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Who Are You Sending to My Apartment and What Does it Cost?

The short answer to that question unless otherwise noted is John. John is a trained technician with over 10+ years of experience in the trade. He lives in New York City and in his off time works on his art & street photography. He arrives with a driver who waits for him while he diagnoses and fixes your unit. Our Company and John’s customers have been highly satisfied with his ability to quickly diagnose and fix Sub-Zero refrigerators over the years. The Service charge is 95 dollars. You can cancel your appointment and it will cost you nothing. The service charge goes to the technician and his driver, it is non-refundable and added to the cost of the repair unless otherwise mentioned by the technician himself.

  • Give us a call at 1-800-200-2306 or Email us using the form below and explain to us your service needs
  • Schedule a NYC Sub-Zero Repair Appointment
  • Sit back and wait for your Technician to arrive
  • Enjoy your fully functional Sub Zero Refrigerator & Freezer

Thank You!

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