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We recently had a Morris County Sub Zero Technician send this image over to us. It is of an improvised drain tube, probably purchased at Home Depot or a similar store. It was one Morris County handy-mans solution to a ripped Sub-Zero drain tube. It did not work. It leaked constantly, it eventually had water trapped in it that froze. Years later of constant slow water leaking, the frame of the Sub-Zero was starting to warp and rust, now the door isn’t closing as it should.

Sub Zero refrigerators are simple but complicated, the smallest thing can cause the largest headaches. In this scenario it made sense to improvise, no one wants to rip a 600lb+ built in Sub-Zero refrigerator out of the wall to replace an overpriced plastic drain tube. Not only that, why would a handyman have the exact tube he needed to fix the problem? Short answer: he wouldn’t. So he improvised, and he gets away with bad work and no one even remembers. It’s not the end of the world, but its not how things should be done when you are dealing with ten thousand dollar appliances.

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Sub Zero Repair Gone Wrong in Morris County

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So we showed up at the house and we immediately spotted the problem. Turns out we needed to pull the unit out of the wall temporarily, so we did. An hour later the proper drain tube was installed. We sanded down the rust all the ice and moisture was causing, used a mallet on the door jams to straighten them out and make the door closed properly. Had this problem gone any longer we would have been able to do much with a rusted out Sub-Zero. We see this every day in Morris County. If you need your Sub-Zero repair done properly in Morris County, New Jersey give the Certified Refrigeration team a call.

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