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We get a lot of calls around the tri-state about Sub-Zero Wine Coolers not working. For years we told clients to part with the smaller ones and just replace them as they were not worth the headache of hauling out of a household to repair. However the replacement parts are better now, and repair of any Sub-Zero wine cooler is recommended. Not only can a wine cooler repair save you money on buying a new one, but the electricity costs to run it will go down significantly. You will immediately notice your Wine Cooler is running in much shorter cycles and holding temperature much longer than before. Let me explain.

If you are not an experienced technician and you have found this page looking to have your Wine Cooler overhauled, repaired or serviced in NY or NJ, please call us or email us, we will be happy to assist you! 


Not keeping temperature?

YSub-Zero Wine Cooler Repairou are probably noticing that your wine cooler is struggling. It gets loud and hot, it runs all the time, maybe it struggles to keep temperature. You have tried to vacuum the condenser and the problem persists. Before I get into it, I must tell you that I do not know why your sub-zero wine cooler is not keeping temperature, but I know why mine wasn’t. Do not bother trying to do this repair if you are not a qualified and licensed appliance technician. 


Low Gas.

Like other early models of Sub-Zero experienced , your Wine Cooler is low on gas, specifically 134A gas. Your wine fridge is running all the time to compensate for the lack of refrigerant left in its system, or perhaps it has sucked moisture in and created a blockage. Either way, we are not just going to recharge your unit as that would be the wrong move in this situation. We are going to find and fix your gas leak by replacing crucial parts in your wine cooler. This is a technical repair, it entails a lot of experience with Sealed Systems and requires an EPA license to perform.

Your Old Copper Evaporators are Leaking.

Evap Coil Sub-Zero Wine Cooler

A New Style Aluminum Evap Coil Replacement for a Sub-Zero Wine Cooler.

Your gas leak is more than likely coming from your evaporators. Almost any brand, size, or style of evaporator can leak gas, it is common. This is why you have warranties on new products and repairs. The model of Wine Cooler we are working on today has two different evaporators that work on each compartment of the box. We need to replace both. The reason they are more prone to a leak on a wine cooler with copper evaporator coils is that the humidity and moisture are much great in a wine cooler at 60 degrees than say a refrigeration system at 34, or a freezer at Zero degrees. You need to replace these evaporators, both of them. You are also going to replace your moisture filter drier, which is a specific to this unit and should be purchased from Sub-Zero. Throw on a Schrader Valve on the intake of the compressor if needed. Recycle your gas to EPA standards. Solder all of your new components back into the unit. You are going to want to nitrogen test your solders, so do that. Once you are sure that you have great solders, you are going to need to evacuate your wine cooler. Please Read below.

Evacuate your Wine Cooler

Evacuate!Once both Evaporators, the inline filter drier and a Schrader valve is soldered in, you must Evacuate your unit from both the low side Schrader and the schrader valve coming off the high side (filter.) Once you have a good vacuum on the system, slowly recharge the system with the compressor running. Your gas pressure should be in the positive, like 10-35 lbs. This is now an efficient wine cooler. Go ahead and put the unit back together.


Disclaimer: This is as rough of a guide as there could possibly be. I have not walked you through in detail how to fix a wine cooler. This should only be a reference for experienced technicians.  If you would like service on your Wine Cooler in New York or New Jersey, please call us today!

Please refer to this very helpful troubleshooting-sub-zero-wine-cooler guide for detailed info and troubleshooting information.

Cooler Back to normal

Wine Cooler back to normal, cooling great, running every so often as opposed to 24/7!

Back to Normal!

Back to Normal And put back together!











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