Keeping your Sub-Zero Condenser Clean

Sub-Zero Vacuum Condenser

Before I start this article I must disclose that there are many reasons your Sub-Zero may be blinking Vacuum Condenser. I am going to go over the most basic reason. Sub-Zero refrigerators in residential setting collect dust on their condensers. What is a refrigeration Condenser ?
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A Friendly Word on the Current State of Bangkok

Although we specialize in Sub-Zero Repair in New Jersey & New York. We often vacation in the winters as it is our down time and our volume slows down. This years vacation, Thailand. Closing in on a week from departure and the city is raging in protests. Below is an excerpt from an honest native of Bangkok spoken via the user upvotersfortruth on Reddit.
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Books that changed my life by N + 1 mag

This is a great list of books that N + 1 mag compiled by asking authors to list books that changed their lives. Enjoy!

12 Books That Changed Dodie Bellamy’s Life

Kathy Acker, Great Expectations

Charlotte Bronte, Villette
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Sub-Zero Repairs in NYC by Certified Refrigeration™

A Sub-Zero™ Repair Co. in NYC that Works!

Our company services Sub-Zero™ appliances in a timely, professional manner in NYC. We arrive lightning fast with any and all parts needed for your particular model Sub-Zero. After your unit is diagnosed we give you the option to fix it or send us packing. If you opt to fix your Sub Zero we give you a solid warranty on both parts and labor for 365 days after the repair. We only service Sub-Zero refrigerators, it allows us to operate with precision. Unlike other NYC Sub-Zero services we tell you up front what the cost of the repair will be and never charge by how long we have been in the apartment. We service residential and commercial Sub-Zero units in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. We are a small business that prides itself on quality and a personalized approach to the repair process, we believe you are going to love your technician and won’t want another person touching your fridge once we are done.
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Have your Sub-Zero Refrigerator fixed in Westchester,

Why Hire a Sub-Zero Repair Specialist in Westchester NY?

Believe us, we have seen it all when it comes to Sub-Zero repair in Westchester. Because of its proximity to New York City a lot of repair companies believe they can service the complicated and experience deserving Sub-Zero units. Many of these companies use the wrong parts, misdiagnose and generally lead their customers down a long expensive road until they finally give up and throw their Sub-Zero unit out. Things don’t have to be that way, and that is why we specialize in only one brand. We give you warranties and clear and concise reasoning behind our repairs so that you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. All units can be repaired back to factory standards as long as they are in good hands and not modified by so called appliance experts. Visit our Main Westchester Service page here.
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