The Sub-Zero Ice Maker Troubleshooting Guide 500 and 600 series

By FAR one of the most common sub-zero calls we get are for Ice Maker System failures and inconsistencies. Troubleshooting advice is not great for ice makers primarily because there are so many different configurations available. In this tutorial we will go over a very basic “layman” guide to trouble shooting your ice maker, no matter the Model. Lets first make sure all switches for the icemaker are set to the ON position, on 600 series sub zeros we want to see the word ICE illuminated in the display. For BI series ice makers we exclusively use digital commands for diagnostic procedure, we’ll go over that later in the guide.

[big_title2]Do You Have Water Coming Into The Unit?[/big_title2]

Step One: Locate your ice maker shut off valve. Most Units have a water line connecting to a solenoid valve at the bottom left hand corner of the unit, behind the kick plate. Often times a good start is to remove the kick plate and with a flashlight, try to see where the water line goes. Most of the time it goes down below the floor into the basement, where a plumber has tied into an existing water line. In apartment configurations, we often see them being plumbed into a valve under your sink. Examine this valve, is it corroded? Give it a turn, is it stuck? Has the plumber been at the house lately and closed the valve?

Lets do a very simple test to see if this unit has water coming into its solenoid. Please reference this video below of us testing a solenoid for water the old fashioned way. We find the line coming into the solenoid, and we take the appropriate wrench size and crack the nut just a little bit. Often times a decent dribble of water will emerge, this is a pressurized line, so that tells us there is indeed water coming into the unit. Very old fashioned, but works every time.

Step Two: Now that know that we have water, lets run the ice maker and make sure that all components are seated correctly, in the top over bottom ( 650, 611, 550, 511 700 series units) make sure that the ice bucket is engaging all switches inside the unit. On side by side units make sure that the bucket is situated properly on the carrier, we often see the Ice Maker Tracks cracking on these units ( Models 642 632 661 532 542 561). Lets make sure the Ice Maker Arm goes up and down freely and it is not stuck in the OFF position which would be pushed up towards the ice maker as if the bucket were full of ice.

Everything seem OKAY? Lets make the ice maker run a test cycle! Although this video does not show a sub-zero, this is the exact procedure we use to run an Ice-maker in a 500 series unit. If you are testing a side by side unit, you may need to remove the ice maker from the screw mounts in order to get you jumpers into position, once the wheel begins to spin, simply put your ice-maker back on the screw mounts.


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