Wolf oven service, just a call away.

We offer independent service on Wolf Wall Ovens, Ranges and Cooktops in our NY and NJ service area. Wolf’s legendary product with the red knobs has stood the test of time as they have made them completely repairable. We are just a call away and can help you figure out which model you own and prepare you for a streamlined service experience. Check out why we are so efficient at this service and give us a call.

Common Issues We Fix.

Wolf Ovens, Ranges, Cooktops and Grills may develop common issues after heavy use. It is nothing to worry about and most issues can be fixed the same day. Some issues we commonly fix are:

  • Ovens not getting hot enough
  • Stovetops clicking or not working
  • Irregular flame size
  • Doors not opening correctly or locking
  • Digital errors or displays not working
  • Broken and loose knobs

Let’s Identify Your Oven Model.

The best way to start the process is to call and speak to us or leave a message on one of our contact forms. We will try to identify your model. It is important to know exactly which model oven you own so we can begin the process of identifying the problem before we arrive. Just like the with Sub-Zero, we like to arrive prepared with all the parts we think we may need. Please visit our page on how to identify your wolf oven. You can also send us a picture or call for help identifying.

Wolf DF486G
Wolf DF486G

Quick Contact.

    Wolf Range Service

    A “Range” is an oven with a stovetop above it, it literally offers a range of places to cook. Wolf makes an excellent range, and has many different models. Please see how to identify your range here. We service Wolf ranges and can fix common issues on them such as:

    • Stovetops clicking
    • Uneven flames
    • Stovetop not igniting
    • Ovens not accurate or uneven temperature
    • Ovens not getting hot at all
    • Doors not closing or working properly
    • Buttons and knobs not working
    • Digital display issues.
    Wolf Range Repair
    Joe getting behind a All Gas Range for a repair. Wolf Model GR366

    Wall Oven Service

    Wolf Makes a few different wall ovens. The legendary L-Series is the most common unit we service. You can identify the model of these wall ovens by opening the door of the oven and looking in the upper right hand side of the oven. Check out our guide on how to identify your model number on your wolf oven. Common issues we solve on Wolf wall ovens are:

    • Ovens not heating at all
    • Ovens not heating enough
    • Doors getting stuck shut
    • Touch Buttons not working
    • Doors not closing properly
    • Gasket and seal replacements.
    Preparing a Wolf Wall Oven for Service Model DO/30
    Preparing a Wolf Wall Oven for Service Model DO/30

    Wolf Rangetops

    A rangetop is a stovetop that sits on the countertop and has no oven underneath it. They come in all different sizes and can almost always be refurbished and fixed up like new using original parts. Common issues we fix with these cooktops are:

    • Clicking burners
    • Burners that do not ignite
    • Uneven flames
    • Knobs that no longer work or have broken
    wolf Rangetop
    Wolf Sealed Rangetop

    Wolf Outdoor Grills

    Wolf Outdoor grills are another amazing product produced by Wolf over the past twenty years. Being outdoors, they can really take a beating. When it is time for service on your grill, you’ll know. We fix issues with these grills such as:

    • No ignition
    • No Lights
    • Uneven or no flame.
    • General tune ups
    Wolf OG Grill Service
    Wolf OG Series Grill

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